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Mission Statement...

The reasons are too complex to go into here, but it is widely accepted all businesses today must have a Mission Statement. For far too long, we at Mount Terrible have been stumbling along without such guidance. It would have been nice to engage an expert to write it for us, but Marketing Mavens don’t come cheap, so taking other people’s Mission Statements as our model we offer here a modest example of our own. If we have not quite caught the tone of boastful self-congratulation veiled with difficult words of doubtful meaning compressed into a single sentence with no punctuation, please indulge a work in progress.

Mount Terrible: Hot-wired for Excellence

Interfacing with increasingly discontinuous environmental challenges we at Mount Terrible are deeply committed to context-sensitive vintage operations designed to deliver viticultural and vinificatory outcomes in agreeance with our asset footprint. We dedicate ourselves to accountable stewardship of the purity of our terroir, implementing world’s best practice initiatives benchmarked upon respect for our vines’ vegetative functionality while never resiling from the core principle of empowering yeast self-actualisation by the employment of cutting edge analytic tools to secure a holistic fermentation scenario. Our vibrant yet transparent wines deliver flexible and focused organoleptic outcomes which are a testament to our culture of continuous not-drinking-before-lunchtime.


John Eason Farm labourer and CEO, Mount Terrible Wines

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