Fire Refuge...

Bushfires all but cut us off for several weeks in 2006, but with the local recreation reserve a staging ground for twenty fire-trucks we were quietly confident we could handle the worst Nature had to throw at us.

Perilous complacency, as the tragic events of 09 made all too clear. For which reason, our new winery has been built to be not only a pleasant and ergonomic workplace, but also a fire refuge. The double-brick upper walls are clad with stone; the roof, windows and doors are fireproof and heavily insulated. The cellar can be sealed off from the work area above, and has a sump in its floor which is connected to an 80 metre stormwater drain which, in the event of a fire, can function as an air-intake.

Our “Neighbourhood Safer Place” is a timber framed building in the middle of Jamieson. When the fires come again, your call…



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