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Nick Brookes

Nick Brookes and I met in kindergarten when we were three. We have been friends ever since. In 2005, at a dark moment in the vineyard’s history, Nick came to the rescue; he is now my business partner, he handles the UK distribution and it was at his urging that the winery was built. Every year he comes over from London on the pretext of helping with the vintage but actually because he’s a hopeless petrol-head and it gives him the chance to take in the Australian F1 Grand Prix.

Jane Donat

The 2006 and 2008 vintages were made by Jane Donat while she was at Delatite Winery. Jane, who received the Wine Society People’s Choice Young Winemaker of the Year Award in 2005, trained at Charles Sturt and spent several seasons in Canada, New Zealand and Germany, in addition to working all over Australia.

Andy Browning

Andy Browning, Jane’s excellent successor at Delatite, made the 2010 vintage. He too is a Charles Sturt graduate; in addition to his winemaking degree, he has qualifications in horticulture and viticulture. Andy gained his experience in many places, most notably Western Australia, Burgundy and South Africa. His minimal intervention philosophy has been very influential in the style of winemaking employed at Mount Terrible.

Grant McRostie

Our neighbour Grant McRostie has been an invaluable friend and advisor from the planting of the first vines to the completion of the winery. Now a beef farmer with 160 head of cattle in the Jamieson Valley, Grant trained originally as a fitter and turner, and for many years was in charge of ski-lift maintenance on Mt Buller. He can turn his hand to anything: in addition to designing and building the winery lift, the sorting table and the equipment for handling the picking bins, and completely overhauling every other piece of machinery in the winery, Grant is the inventor of a high-lift water pump powered entirely by the energy of the flowing river.

Karl Riedel

Karl Riedel, another friend and neighbour is an agronomist who has worked for many years with EE Muir and Sons. On matters of soil management, plant nutrition and the control of diseases, Karl’s disinterested and rigorously scientific advice has made it possible to convert what at first sight looked like an unpromising, tussocky swamp into a flourishing vineyard.

Jess Bolwell

Born and bred in Jamieson, Jess Bolwell first met Janene and me when she babysat our son, HarryA fearless snowboarder, she got herself a seasonal job in Colorado in 1997; fourteen years later she came home (on crutches!) as a qualified winemaker. She spent most of her time in the States in hospitality, managing restaurants and working as a sommelier, most notably at the renowned Simon Pearce Restaurant in Quechee, Vermont, which gave her the opportunity to travel extensively in the winemaking regions of South Africa, Austria, Oregon, California and Italy. Having studied winemaking at the University of California, she worked at Carneros and the Napa Valley, before returning to Australia to spend a season with Andy at Delatite.

Ian Ridley

The late Ian Ridley, for whom the ’08 Reserve has been named, was Janene’s father.  A six time premiership player with the Melbourne Demons in their glory years when they won five flags in six seasons, Ian was only five foot seven, but he was fearless, quick thinking and a great team player. When his playing career ended he went on to serve the club he loved as Coach, President and in just about every administrative position in between. His courage, integrity and extraordinary personal warmth endeared him to all who knew him. He is greatly missed.